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Kaduna state has sponsored 26 law students and 2 physically challenged students scholarship

 The kaduna state scholarship and loan board has supported 26 law school and 2 physically challenged students.

  A total of 90 applicants applied for the scholarship, only 26 out of 90 applicants were awarded the scholarship 

The news was announced yesterday in a press release letter. See info contained in the letter

"The kaduna state scholarship and loans board has supported 26 law students with 18.5 million  of their law school programme, out of the 90 Candidates that applied

The selection was done online in a rigorous and transparent manner. 44 out of the 90 candidates scaled through the first stage of a rigorous and transparent application review.

32 candidates were eventually shortlisted after the second stage of document review and confirmation of citizenship of Kaduna State, which is either by state of origin or by residency.

Further verification was done at the Nigerian Law School, 27 out of the 32 shortlisted candidates were recognized by the school as her legitimate students. Final checks made the list 26 students.

The tuition fees of the 26 students has been immediately paid directly to the Nigerian Law School account and each student will be given a laptop and an upkeep allowance, to ensure they have a hitch free session.

The Executive Secretary explained that the Board will no longer finance law school sponsorship but will rather encourage postgraduate pursuits in needed specialties of law like intellectual law, cybersecurity law, healthcare law, conflict management amongst many other emerging sectors needing deepened legal research and knowledge.

 The Board has also approved two students with disability for foreign scholarship under the Disability Based Scholarship category.

Umar Mu’azu who has been diagnosed with congenital hearing loss would be sponsored to study MSc in Management of Information Systems while Aminu Musa who has been diagnosed with bilateral lower limb abnormalities secondary to Poliomyelitis would be studying BSc in Computer Science with Major in Digital Systems Security".

See list of successful law school sponsored Candidates

  1. Muhammad Munir sani
  2. Ahmad Muhammad Pateh
  3. Johnathan Gambo
  4. Usman yusuf
  5. Aliyu Ayuba
  6. Rachael Eugene Michael 
  7. Aliyu yahaya Hussain 
  8. Salim Shehu
  9. John caleb 
  10. Adams Meshach  Dankaka
  11. Mariya Shehu Shittu
  12. Zainab Ibrahim Butu
  13. Mubarak Bala
  14. Zanti kolais
  15. Firdausi Abubakar Muhammad 
  16. Bashir Nasiba Gimba
  17. Aisha Addau Turawa
  18. Muhammad  Ibrahim 
  19. Umar Usman 
  20. Samaila Mok
  21. Zion Musa Phillip
  22. Fred Kazzayet Aduwak
  23. Salisu Abubakar 
  24. Kantoma Shehu
  25. Anthony samuel
  26. Faith Maigida
List of physically challenged abroad scholarship  Candidates 

  1. Umar Mu'azu
  2. Aminu musa

Congratulations to the selected candidates 


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