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Racist Sentenced to life in prison for killing 51 people in New Zealand

 Brenton Tarrant has been sentenced to life in prison without parole, Brenton was found guilty over the death of 51 people, injuring  40 people and one charge of terrorism  in christchurch  mosque in New Zealand 

Brenton seating in the dock

The attack happened in March 2019. Brenton's conviction marks the first terrorism conviction in New Zealand 

Judge Cameron Mander said " your crimes are so wicked that even if you are detained until you die, it will not exhaust the requirements of punishment"

The judge admitted that, the offender's actions is "in human" that he "showed  no mercy

Mander said such life sentences without parole were reserved for the " very worst murders"

The judge added by saying the offender despite he pleaded guilty, he appeared "neither contrite nor ashamed" of his deeds.

 Mander spent almost an hour reminding Brenton of each person he killed and injured.

Sentence without parole means that the offender will not have the opportunity to leave prison after serving only a portion of their total sentence.

Jacinda Ardern New Zealand  prime minister said after she heard the news of Brenton's sentencing "no notoreity, no platform and we have no cause to think about him, to see him or to hear about him again"

She said " today i hope is the last where we have any cause to hear or utter the name of the terrorist"

Maysoon Salama 

Maysoon Salama whose son died in the attack spoke in the court confronting Brenton saying, "I constantly try to imagine, how my beloved Atta felt at the moment of the attack, how he faced the shooter with his chest and only with his courage…to protect others.


What was in his mind, when he realized he is departing this life to his last journey, how is life going to be without him being around?


“I can’t forgive you; you gave yourself the authority to take the souls of 51 innocent people. Their only crime in your eyes is being Muslims, you injured 49 and shattered the dreams of so many innocent people. You widowed 32 wives and 2 husbands. You  orphaned 51 children under 18 years and 19 over 18 years old. You terrorized the whole New Zealand and saddened the whole world. You killed your own humanity and I don’t think the world will forgive you for your horrible crimes against humanity". 

"May you get the severest punishment in this life and  hereafter, we know that Allah is the most just

You transgressed and you thought you could brake us. You failed miserably, we became more determined to hold tight to islam and our beloved ones are martyrs", she said.

See photo of the people Brenton killed

Photos of 51 people Brenton killed


  1. Mmmmhn, very interesting. I wish the authority in Nigeria could do this. With countless being killed our authorities have not deemed it fit to do anything to the perpetrators of this wickedness. Instead, our government is paying them to stop killing its citizens and also giving them amnesty and reintegrating them into the society. Only God will help us in this country. I still love Nigeria.


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